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Major Trade & Economic Activitie

The Association is a non-profit social group established by law for the purpose of promoting industrial collaborations, developing teamwork spirit, providing new business opportunities and information of the international market, exchanging managerial knowledge, taking the industries into a high-tech, high-value-addition realm, stabilizing the market and Taiwan's leadership role in Asia. Geographically, the Association is organized in accordance with the nation's administrative regions.

Missions of the Association

  1. To promote inter-industrial merges for development of major industrial enterprises.
  2. To collect international information for helping enterprises and manufacturers become high-tech entities.
  3. To provide new administrative technologies for helping enterprises and manufacturers improve managerial/marketing systems.
  4. To publish periodicals for introducing new trends of global trade/economic activities.
  5. To hold/sponsor intermittent seminars/lectures on business administration for enhancing Taiwan's professional ability to engage in trade and economic activities.

The Ministry of the Interior is the supervising agency of this Association. The Ministry (Commission) of Economic Affairs is the major agency governing the operational objectives of the Association. The operational objectives of the Association are subject to the supervision of each governing agency.

Registration Number of the Association: Tai(87)Nei-She-Tzu #8720051.