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Following the accession of both sides of Taiwan Strait to the WTO, enterprises are faced with global competition. How to help enterprises become world-class entities and strengthen them to become successful competitors in the international market have become important issues. In conjunction with the government's reconstruction project, and for the purpose of recognizing industrial and business enterprises' contributions to the national economy, the Association will expand the recognition activity of the National  Industry, Commerce Science & Technology Qualified personnel Golden Award & National Quality Guarantee Golden Award  The objective is to encourage quality competitions, build up competition edge of ˇ§innovation value and economic reconstructionˇ¨ for Taiwan's products and industries, create high added values and establish national business role models.


  1. To recognize and commend enterprises of exceptional operational performances.

  2. To approve outstanding enterprises' achievements and contributions to society.

  3. To establish role models and helps enterprises build up corporate image and stimulate consumer market.

  4. To recommend outstanding enterprises to the general public for reference.

Activity content

  1. The Association held an award ceremony and invited government leaders to preside over the ceremony and present a pure brass trophy. VCD of the ceremony was prepared for the awardees as witness to the moment of glory.

  2. Photos of the award ceremony taken by a professional photographer for the awardees and government leaders were given to the awardees as gifts .

  3. Awardees received a Chinese-English certificate and were authorized to use the trophies and award certificates in      business promotions.

  4. Those who received awards in two categories were given a chance to share their comments and product development experiences on behalf  of  the awardees.


  1. Awardees' Press Announcement

    In order to introduce the awardees to the world, this Association will announce the awardees and their products through full-page newspaper ads and publish special reports for each awardee.

  2. On the day of the award ceremony, the Association will hold a tea party for the awardees and exhibit the catalog of award-winning products. Awardees will have a chance to fellowship with political/industrial leaders and reporters for new business opportunities and possibilities of strategic unions.
  3. The Association will provide consultation services for award-winning individuals or corporations on business issues.